Hong Kong Declaration

According to the Import and Export (Registration) Regulation under Cap. 60 Import and Export Ordinance, any person importing or exporting goods into or from HK must submit to the Customs and Excise Department accurate information of the goods and fill in the proper declaration forms within 14 days of the arrival / departure of the goods.

Declaration via EDI

For business registration or HK ID Card holders, declarations may be made via EDI after registering for an EDI account. Customers may have their registration fee, software fee, electronic certification fee and annual fee waived if the registration is done through our company. Please call us for more information.


Information we need to submit the Trade Declaration on your behalf:

  • Vehicles’ HK registration No / Bill of Lading No./ Master Air Bill No./ Courier Slip No.
  • Date of import / export
  • Country and port of importer and exporter
  • Flight details
  • Name, nature and material of goods
  • Quantity and net weight of goods
  • Country of Origin
  • Value of Goods
  • Consignor and Consignee’s names and addresses
  • Business Registration number or HK ID card number of the person importing / exporting the relevant goods.
  • Contact number




*the above information are normally presented in the Bill of Lading, Master Airway Bill and/or paper manifest.