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Declaration Service
Since we established our business in 1983, Yuet Fung Declare Service Co. had served more than 10,000 customers and helped them fulfilled their obligation under the HK law in making declaration of goods imported from and/or exported to HK.

From 2004, we have become one of the recognized agents and host a declaration service center which allow customers without an EDI registration to submit paper trade declaration for goods they imported to or exported from Hong Kong.

The benefits of using the service of our company include:

Easy declaration:

You don't need to leave your office or home to make the declaration - our customers may simply send in the below documents by fax or email. Payment of tax, penalty together with our service fee may be transferred to our bank account by direct debit, cheque or cash. Your time may be better spent on expanding your business:

  • paper manifest, bill of lading, master airway bill or courier slip
  • sales invoices that specifies the value of goods
  • packing list

Time Saving:

You may save time from not having to register for the software required to make declaration on you own. Although it is free of charge to register for the required software for making declaration of imported/exported goods in HK, it takes 6 – 8 weeks to apply for the software. A set amount of deposit is required for such registration. Through using the service of our company, you will be able to start the declaration process immediately.

Cost saving:

Your company will no longer need to deploy fixed resources in handling declaration matters – this is very useful to both SMEs and larger corporates.

Flexible payment method:

Customers may choose to pay their declaration service fees plus government tax at month end. A monthly invoice will be sent to the customers specifying the details of all the transactions of the month allowing for easy tracking of UDRs, CCRNs and UBRs. Payment can be made by Online Payment / cash / cheque / bank transfer.